Video is one of the fastest growing methods of digital advertising and a crucial component for achieving continuity between traditional television spots and digital messaging. ethosAGENCY’s video offering provides maximum flexibility in utilizing existing assets to reach your audience anywhere they consume video content.


Highly Interactive
Optional interactive overlays, expand on rollover capability and full microsites to increase engagement

Mobile Tap To Play
Videos that use the tactile nature of tablets and smartphones to promote interaction

Option for video ads that are skippable by consumers to protect your brand

Optimized, Smart Design
Fast load times, high quality viewing experience on each screen size; device specific interactive buttons and pages


Combine the power of television with the reach and targeting of the internet.

Youtube is the most familiar video player and our integration uses cost per completion pricing to assure you only pay for the ads that are not skipped. Target highly engaged in-market shoppers on a desktop, mobile, connected TVs and gaming consoles.

Ad Placement & Formats

  1. Video Ads
    • Skippable video ads
    • Bumper ads (non-skippable, up to 6 seconds)
  2. Overlay Ads
  3. Sponsored Cards (displays content relevant to the video, such as related products)
  4. Display Ads
  5. TrueView video discovery Ads (appear on search results and watch pages)

Maximize your video production investments and television assets by serving your content in front of your local in market audience online on count-less web and in-app video players far beyond the reach of Youtube.

Ad Placement & Format

1. Video Ads

  • Appear on hundreds of thousands of sites including national & local news
  • Non-skippable inventory (over 90% are non-skippable, averaging a 70% full view through rate)
  • Short or long form video inventory
  • Pre-roll, mid-roll, end-roll
  • In-banner, in-line, interstitial, out-stream
  • Linear and nonlinear video overlays
  • Cost per completion or CPM pricing
  • VPAID: add messaging, button layers
  • Audience targeting

2. Display Ads (companion banners)

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