Not all markets are the same, so we don’t believe in cookie cutter campaigns. We take a strong scientific approach to our building and optimization tactics, using proven statistical analysis to make our optimization decisions.

Average Click-Through Rates

Top Questions on Google Search
Digital Trends: Auto Shoppers July 2016

The ethosAGENCY Difference

Only Quality Traffic
Top search engines, limited exposure to display networks, and monitored search terms and keyword opportunities

Certified Experts
Google AdWords, Google Analytics and Bing Ads certified

Designed for You
Ad groups, offers and messaging based on each specific store backed up by a proactive optimization approach

Proven Best Practices
Methods statistically proven over time using Chi-Squared Analysis

Optimize & Deliver SEARCH
Ongoing, rigorous, manual campaign optimization

  • Mobile optimized ad copy
  • Comprehensive ad extension implementation
  • Optimization to any KPI; set goals and meet them
  • Conversion tracking
  • Irrelevant search query screening
  • Negative keyword matching
  • Broad match modification
  • A/B ad copy testing
  • Traffic quality by device
  • Strategic budget allocation
  • Landing page audits
  • Dayparting & time of day analysis